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CHF Horses


Max has had an extensive show career and is one of our lesson ponies. With a typical pony attitude he will make you into a great rider!


Fangio is our resident heart breaker. Everyone falls in love with him, he has a heart of gold and is super athletic! 


We LOVE his moves! He can do it all, and thats what makes him so special. Jagger can take a walk trotter to an equitation rider, perfect for all levels. A barn favorite, everyone wants to ride him, but we have to spread the wealth!


This mare has heart! She is a jumper and can run hot so she's not for the faint of heart.  But if she knows you're a team she'll do whatever you ask. Available for on farm lease.


Riddles has fancy foot work and he is a star. ALWAYS in the ribbons. Riddles is a medium hunter pony that is available for lease. His young spunky demeanor livens up the farm evey day. His sweet face is irresistable! 


One of CHF's favorite lesson ponies, he is a good pony to learn on.  He challenges the riders to use their legs to keep him going.  Black Jack is a star in our summer camp and lesson program and is great for young riders of all levels.


Matrix knows it all, he is amazing at everything he does, and is a big goofball around the barn.  Everyone who rides him thinks he is a dream come true and he is!


CC came to us through Elke's friend Stephanie.  She has been the hit of the farm, and is known as the unicorn without the horn.  The cutest little pony, she will take care of her young riders learning in our lesson and summer camp programs.



Kip is the smallest little nugget at the farm and also CC's boyfriend! Kip is a wonderful teacher, perfect on the lunge line, and loves getting carrots from his kids.


This horse will melt your heart, he has the kindest eyes, is the most patient and a wonderful teacher.  He is just a mush and he does his job with his ears forward and loves all the attention he can get.


Mercedes is our longest resident at CHF. We got her as a companion horse for our old jumper.  She has been retired most of her life due to a a hard career of barrell racing at a young age.  A true girl, she loves to be groomed and pampered.  


Bailey is what the spirit of a good horse is all about. Now retired, he is enjoying his lazy life.  He loves to be groomed and shows you just how gentle these giants can be.  We still use him for grooming lessons and is another one who will take all the attention he can get and looks at you with appreciation and the kindest eye.  He has warmed our hearts and enriched our lives. 


Banjo is a rescue horse that was going to slaughter.  Elke found him on a website and could not resist his face.  With no history on the horse, she took a leap of faith and raised money to bail him out from going to slaughter. When Banjo came to CHF he was very thin and had some major cuts and really bad feet.  He was in a tiny stall which he could not turn around in, and his legs were really swollen from no movement.  He could barely walk off the trailer.  He has excelled with the TLC we gave him and is in our lesson program.  We love being able to help animals in need and making sure they become what they can be and he has certainly has done so.  He is very special and his life was saved.


Harry is the sweetest guy you will ever meet! Now semi-retired, he was our beginner horse for many years and he is still calm and used occasionally for camp sessions.  His favorite things are treats, getting brushed and vaccumed, and getting baths


Junior has the most gorgeous extended trot you will ever see.  We use him mostly for our advanced riders on trails and in flat.  A true puppy dog personality, if you hope off, run, and jump over a crossrail he will will follow behind you wherever you go.

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